can you stretch out a swimsuit

Can You Stretch Out A Swimsuit?

Can you stretch out a swimsuit or is it unwearable when it gets too tight? Yes, but not always! Not everyone stays the same size throughout their life, and not only swimsuits stay a tight fit. New swimwear can be expensive, and it isn’t useful to buy an entirely new bathing suit if you want to wear it that day. Today we’ll explore some effective ways to make your swimsuit bigger with some home tricks. From grabbing the scissors and making clever alterations, to rinsing with cold water even using your muscles!


Signs Your Swimsuit Is Too Tight

Are you unsure as to whether your swimsuit is an incorrect size? Comfort is everything when you’re wearing a body suit because you need to trust that it won’t fall off in the pool and not feel self-conscious on the beach. Here are some telltale signs that you need to make some adjustments.

You Struggle Putting It On

If it’s too tight when you’re trying to put it on, this indicates that it doesn’t fit right. Use this to help you clarify the areas on the swimsuit that need loosening (because it might not be tight all over).

The Straps Dig In

Straps that press down onto your skin can be uncomfortable and even painful. Some bathing suits allow you to adjust the size so it’s more slack, but if it’s still too tight on the largest setting, it needs adjusting.

You Feel Too Exposed

There’s nothing wrong with showing some skin on the beach. But your bathing suit should cover you in all the right places and not make you feel exposed. You know what feels right on your body; if you feel paranoid, it’s probably down to the fit.

You Have to Keep Adjusting It

When you’re having fun at the beach, you don’t want an ill-fitting bathing suit stripping away all of your fun. One that’s too tight means you have to keep constantly adjusting the fit to prevent it from digging into specific areas.

can you stretch out a swimsuit

Can You Stretch Out A Swimsuit?

You absolutely can stretch out a swimsuit to make it bigger, and there are a few ways of doing so. Some involve getting practical and employing your sewing skills, the others are a bit less design and a bit more brute strength.

How to Make a Swimsuit Bigger

There are several ways to stretch out a swimsuit without buying a new size. Below are some suggestions:

  • Turn it into a two-piece
  • Adjust the shoulder seam

Turn the Swimsuit into a Two-Piece

  • Using scissors, twin the one-piece around the waist to transform it into a bikini top and bottom
  • Wear the swimsuit first to make a mark of where you want to cut it, and undress before you use the scissors

This idea will show some skin, but it means that you don’t have to squeeze into a swimsuit that then might stretch.

Can You Stretch Out A Swimsuit If You Adjust the Shoulder Seam?

Adjusting the shoulder seam is a good way to stretch out a swimsuit. To do so:

  • Remove the shoulder seams using a seam ripper.
  • Wear the swimsuit, playing around with the straps until they’re in a comfortable position
  • Pin the straps into position, and sew them together with a straight stream. Repeat on the other side
  • Cut away any excess material

Ways to Stretch Out a Swimsuit

There are some effective ways to make a swimsuit bigger at home. Whether you’ve outgrown your current bathing suit or you want to increase the size for maximum comfort, here are some suggestions to try.

  • Rinse with cold water
  • Move around in it

Rinse with Cold Water

Hot water shrinks materials whereas cold water can loosen fabrics, making them feel less restrictive.

  • Soak your swimsuit in cold water, and wring it out to remove any excess moisture. Repeat this process several times to stretch out your swimsuit.
  • Gently pull the swimsuit in every direction to stretch it out.
  • If some areas are too tight on your skin—such as the shoulders or waist—concentrate on stretching these sections more.

For the best results, wear the swimsuit while it’s damp until it dries. This allows the material to adapt to the bigger size and prevents it from shrinking again when you remove it.

Can You Stretch Out A Swimsuit By Moving In It?

Wear the swimsuit around the house, and walk around, bend down, jump up and down, and more. Movement helps to stretch the fabric, so the swimsuit will become slightly bigger. Squats are also a great idea to release the fabric. Focus on movements in the areas where the swimsuit is too tight.

Don’t Rinse It When You’re Out of Water

It’s common practice to rinse a swimsuit when you’re out of the swimming pool. Chlorine can loosen the fabric, which is ideal if you want to stretch out the size.

Buying the Right Size in the First Place

You can avoid this dilemma in the first place by getting the right size initially.

Adjustable Straps and Cups

This feature allows you to customize the swimsuit’s fit to your body. This is perfect as your body adjusts over time, so you don’t need to purchase a new body suit continuously.

There are even swimsuits with adjustable cups. This characteristic allows you to make the cups larger and smaller and discover the right amount of coverage you’re looking for.

Take Measurements before Making a Purchase

This applies to both in-store and online purchases. Take a measurement tape and calculate the size of your bust, waist, chest, hips, and height. If you’re unsure between two sizes, you can always purchase both, and refund the size that isn’t as flattering.

Can You Stretch Out A Swimsuit?

For most of us it’s possible to stretch out a swimsuit with our hands if it’s a tiny bit tight. If it’s very tight you might need to take the scissors to it and get creative, or even invest in a new bathing costume.

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