can you swim in sneakers

Can You Swim In Sneakers?

Can you swim in sneakers? Won’t they get waterlogged and make you sink? Believe it or not, you actually can swim in sneakers at the pool or at the beach. But when it comes to walking in water or swimming, not all sneakers are created equally. In most cases, you aren’t going to be comfortable wearing your regular garden variety sneakers as water shoes. If you pick the right water shoes, you will be surprised and delighted by how functional sneakers can be in water. Today we are going to tell you all about the best way to pick swimming sneakers, for pools, oceans and even triathletes!


Can You Swim In Sneakers or With Regular Shoes?

If you fell into the water wearing your regular sneakers, would you try to swim? Most definitely! But this doesn’t automatically mean your ordinary everyday tennis shoes or sports shoes are made for water sports.

We are so lucky today because amazing advances in materials technology have made it possible to find sneakers that can do double duty on dry land and in water. When you have water sneakers, or water shoes as they are sometimes called, your feet stay protected all day whether you are walking around or you decide to take a swim.

What Shoes Can You Wear In the Pool Versus Beach?

So let’s talk about what sneakers you can wear in water. And does it matter whether the water is pool water or beach water? It doesn’t matter so much what type of water you plan to swim in. The main considerations revolve around deciding how much protection your feet will need.

At the pool, your biggest danger comes from slipping on a wet surface. At the beach, dangers lurk in all directions. Sharp shells, jellyfish, crabs, broken glass, hot sand, you name it – you need protection from it all.

You may find you want a sturdier pair of water shoes to visit the beach than the sneakers you bring to swim in at the pool. You may also find it handy to know there is a difference between water socks and true water shoes (water sneakers). Water socks look and feel like a thicker mesh rubber or neoprene version of regular socks. Water shoes look and feel like a lighter weight version of your regular street tennis shoes.

can you swim in sneakers

Can You Swim In Sneakers Easily?

It is absolutely true that wearing the wrong water shoes will make it harder to swim. Wearing street sneakers in the pool may also make swimming harder and less fun. However, many of today’s water shoes are based on shoes used by trained professionals in athletic, combat and rescue situations. (In other words, these sneakers are very, very functional in water!)

Keep in mind that when you are wearing a pair of lightweight yet protective water shoes in the pool or ocean, you may not even really be aware you are wearing shoes. For example, if you have ever gone snorkeling or scuba diving wearing a pair of flippers, the right pair of water shoes will definitely be much less weighty than these. As a side perk, many water socks and water shoes can even be worn under flippers to further protect your feet.

Can Running Shoes Be Used As Water Shoes?

Can running shoes be used to swim in? The short answer is yes. The right running shoes can transition into the water. The one key thing to remember, however, is that water shoes can take some time to dry out again.

So if your plans include fitting in a dip between other dry land sports or activities, you might want to bring along a second pair of dry sneakers just in case.

Why Should You Wear Sneakers In the Water?

After considering all the unknowns involved in going barefoot anywhere, you might find yourself wondering if there are any reasons why you shouldn’t wear water shoes. Water sneakers can protect your feet from hot surfaces, slippery surfaces, sharp objects and – less talked about but equally important – toxins and infections. After all, no one ever headed off for a fun day at the pool or beach anticipating a fresh case of athlete’s foot.

If you are undecided, give yourself a chance to take a pair of water shoes out for a spin. Pick the most lightweight, breathable and comfortable pair you can that is in your budget. You may discover you love wearing your new aqua sneakers in the water.

Swim In Sneakers Or Carry Them For Triathlon?

Do you enjoy competing in triathlons and other multi-disciplinary endurance sports? Then you are definitely keen to find a pair of running shoes that can also be used as swimming shoes. In fact, finding the right running water shoes will shave valuable seconds or even minutes off your completion time.

Many endurance athletes choose to do the swimming portion of an event barefoot. But you run the risk of foot injury if you do this. The best approach is to choose a water shoe that is easy on and easy off or can transition with you for running or cycling.

Even if you ultimately choose to swim barefoot or change shoes between events, many athletes still swear by training for competition swims in sneakers. Why? Because they add extra weight that makes you stronger for competition day.

Can You Swim In Sneakers?

You can swim in sneakers. The best swimming sneakers will provide five benefits. One, they will be lightweight – so you don’t sink in water. Two, they will have adequate sole and toe protection for your environment.

Three, they will be comfy to wear. Four, your new water shoes will support any special foot issues you have like plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. And five, your water sneakers will look good! When you find sneakers to swim in that check these five boxes, you can know you’ve found the right pair.

Have you ever been swimming in sneakers? Share your story in the comments.

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