About Us

We are passionate about swimming and want to share that enthusiasm with everyone we meet.

Our Mission

We’re a family of passionate swimmers. Between us, we’ve been swimming for over two hundred years! We swim in pools, in the ocean, in lakes and in rivers. We love paddle boarding, body boarding, scuba diving, surfing, and just chilling in the waves with our friends.

We are also a family of scientists. We love to track down the latest research and bring you up to date information about what works and what doesn’t.

We are not just passionate about swimming, we are passionate about safety. Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise your body and relax your mind. But it can also be dangerous. And we are concerned about the safety of swimmers as the popularity of higher risk swimming activities grows.

Information about swimming, science and safety are what you’ll find on this website, as we bust some myths and bring you the latest in tips and techniques to help you enjoy the best recreational activity on the planet.

Who are we?

Meet The Team

The Swimming Site is brought to you by an awesome team of swimming, water sports and outdoor activity enthusiasts with a passion for the written word.



Pippa has been swimming since she was a small child, and raised four children to love the water as much as she does. She favors front crawl, but her breaststroke technique is hard to beat.



Lucy loves swimming in the sea or in the local pool, and her favorite stroke is Butterfly, for the power and muscular workout. But she says you can’t get more thrilling than a tumble turn.


Editor and Writer

Sarah has always been at home in the water. From swimming lengths to teaching her daughter to love the waves as much as she does, her passion has endured for years.


Expert Swimmer

Fransisco is an experienced, expert swimmer. He represents the Portuguese National Team, and reached the semi-finals in a European Championship.

Our Story

How did we
get here?

The Swimming Site was first thought up years before it launched. We all love swimming, spending time at the beach and generally taking part in anything that gets you into the water.

We want to share our passion not just for the basic swimming strokes, but for everything that surrounds this awesome set of sports. From the fun to the fashion.

Whether you a swimming newbie looking to learn to swim or an expert seeking tips or to share their experiences, this is the place we want you to feel most at home.

We’re so happy you’ve decided to join us on our swimming journey. Let’s get started!

“Swimming is in my blood. I’m never happier than when I’m in the water, feeling the waves.”
Co Founder of The Swimming Site