how to be a stronger swimmer

How To Become A Stronger Swimmer

Whether you’re just starting in the sport or looking to improve your lap times, anyone can become a stronger swimmer. Practice, the right techniques, coaching and even working out can make your strokes faster and more powerful. Today I’ll share the best ways to beef up your swimming strength.


How To Become A Stronger Swimmer

Not everyone is going to be the next Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps and compete in an Olympic-sized pool. However, you can still strengthen your form and become a more powerful swimmer, which can be a beneficial lifelong skill to have under your belt.

For those looking to increase the power they wield in the pool, there are a few core tips for improving strength, mobility, and endurance. You can build all three of these traits outside of the water as well.

To become an improved swimmer, you don’t have to wake up before sunrise and hit the pool for hours a day. You can leave this to the professionals. Committing yourself to several hours a week both in the pool and in the gym can result in leaps and bounds of progress within a month or two of consistency.

The More You Swim The Stronger You Get

The number one tip for becoming a better swimmer is to get into the water frequently. If you only swim on occasion, you may struggle to see results. Those who swim at least weekly, if not several times a week, will see the most improvement.

Focusing your swim time on training can lead to rapid results. Instead of spending hours aimlessly in the pool, set a 20-30 minute to focus on drills and techniques. This provides structure to your time in the pool and allows you to monitor your progress every week.

Proper Technique Makes You A Stronger Swimmer

If you’re swimming with poor technique, you’ll naturally be road blocked from improving your skills. If you’re a beginner, have somebody watch you swim a few laps. This birds-eye view can provide helpful information on where you need to improve and where you’re doing well.

Staying aware of the positioning of your hands, head, and torso will enable you to grasp the technique. If you’re kicking too early or too late, your form may be impacted. Getting the stroke mechanics and body position down will allow you to build off of a solid foundation.

It may be difficult to track your technique on your own. If you’re feeling as though you’re at a plateau, have somebody film your stroke for a couple of laps. This enables you to see yourself swim and dissect your form.

how to be a stronger swimmer

Take Lessons To Get Stronger

For those who have never learned the basics of how to swim, an intro to swimming course can be abundantly helpful in learning the ropes. Even as an adult, these lessons can provide an experienced instructor who helps you swim with proper form and provides helpful drills that can keep you on the course of improving your strokes.

To become a stronger swimmer, you need to have the basics down. Your form and breathing are the foundation on which everything else is built. You can strengthen muscles and ability as much as you want but if you have a weak form and don’t have breathing under control, you’ll continue to experience disengaged power.

Pushing Yourself Makes You Stronger

Instead of running through the same drills week in and week out and expecting to see a significant improvement, it’s key to switch up your routine. This keeps various muscle groups working and growing while preventing you from growing bored with the same exercise.

Those seeking to become stronger swimmers tend to genuinely enjoy being in the water. Swimming should not feel like a chore and if it does, you may find that you quickly burn out and ready to throw in the metaphorical towel.

Challenge yourself both in the water and out of it. Increasing your strength training week after week can keep you stimulated while providing a boost of serotonin when you begin seeing returns in the water.

Workouts Improve Your Swimming Strength

If you don’t have easy access to a pool, you can still incorporate drills into your workouts that enable you to be a stronger swimmer. You’ll want to focus on your arms, core, and legs, as these are the muscles that help you to become more powerful in the water.

Strength and conditioning can help increase not only the power you can kick off the block with but also mobility and flexibility. While not a substitute for time spent in the pool, challenging yourself on dry land can provide another level to your swim regimen.

Exercises such as pull-ups, for example, can strengthen your shoulders and back. Both of these muscle groups are put to work in the water. Once these muscles have been strengthened, you’ll notice more power in the water and the ability to swim for an increased amount of time without becoming overexerted.

While not everybody’s favorite, a plank exercise can go a long way in tightening your core muscles. If you plan to freestyle in the water, your torso needs to be flexible enough to rotate. If you’re looking to increase your power, additional core strength allows you to push off of the starting block with more force.

How To Be A Stronger Swimmer

During the journey toward becoming a stronger swimmer, you may experience roadblocks and struggles. Perseverance is required and consistent practice at the pool or in your favorite lake is key. Strong swimmers possess flawless technique, strong breathing capabilities, endurance, and core strength.

If you haven’t been working on your strength in the gym, this is a great way to improve your swimming power. Exercising and building your back, shoulder, leg, arm, and core muscles will pay dividends the next time you jump into the water.

Swimming is a great way to work out and if you’re looking for an exercise that’s easy on the joints, it’s one of the best options. Becoming a strong swimmer is a valuable trait and it will provide you with the means of staying fit for many years and decades to come.

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